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Van Veen Productions
Van Veen Productions
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Van Veen Productions

Recording & Editing

Van Veen Productions has been involved in 185 recording projects since the start in 1995. We worked with Naxos, Brilliant Classics, Koch and Lek Art.

Our services include:

getting an idea and shape it;
recording this;
cd production.

Software we use:
Pro Tools (3 sets)
Logic Pro IX, X
Final Cut Pro

Our recording set:
Tascam DP 24 - 24 channels 24-48
ADAT 24 Track HardDisk Recorder 24-48
Sony DAT 20-48

2x Mobile recording devices
2x DPA 4006 A, matched pair
4x SE 2200 A Microphones
2x ATM 11 Microphones
2x ATR 450 Microphones
4x NT5 Rode
2x Neuman
2x SE 1A
M Box Pro + Macbook Pro
Lexicon mx 400
Focusrite Pre Platinum Octopre

5x Yamaha Grand Piano C7
1x Bechstein 2.40, 1870
3x Rippen Design Piano
2x Yamaha P120
1x Yamaha P255

3x Roland FP7F
1x Ensoniq Synthesizer
1x YamahaDJ X
2x Toy Pianos